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The Importance of Garage Door Springs and why you need them

It is not safe to use operate your garage door in the absence of a functional garage door spring irrespective of the brand or make of the garage door you’re using. The garage door springs support the garage door when it is closing or opening, therefore, trying to operate your garage door even when the garage door springs are not working fine or have broken down can have serious repercussions, thus causing damage to life and property.

You cannot avoid your malfunctioning garage door springs for a long time due to usability and safety reasons. As a responsible homeowner, it is your duty to adopt a pro-active approach rather than following an evasive strategy when experiencing issues with the functioning of your garage door springs.

Garage door spring repair or garage door spring replacement is a challenging, risky and complex task, irrespective of whether you have a broken torsion spring or a broken extension spring. You’ll first have to locate a torsion spring replacement for your garage door. Next you’ll have to evaluate the extent of damage and chart out a strategy. The final step includes execution and is the riskiest of all the stages.

At this point, the most important question that you should ask is what to do if garage spring breaks? We at Garage Door Repair, Folsom exist to answer this and other repair and maintenance questions.

We advise you to contact our experts immediately in case you have broken garage door springs or you are struggling with garage door torsion spring replacement, garage door extension spring replacement or any other activities.

Our experts have years of experience of dealing with persistent as well as regular garage door issues and have been helping homeowners by providing them garage door repair & replacement services for their garage door torsion spring, rollers, safety cables and other parts.

We assure you that our repair experts will carry garage door springs of different sizes and types along with themselves once you apprise them of your problem. Doing so helps in saving time as the technicians do not have to take measurements of your garage door and then go to the hardware shop to procure a replacement for your garage door springs.

We also deal in heavy duty springs for garage doors and also provide a lifetime warranty on garage door springs that we stock and sell. You can claim your free service anytime if you choose to shop with us.

We equip all our experts with the latest tools to make sure that no repair challenge seems to be an insurmountable mountain. Manufacturers design these devices with the requirements of the job in mind, and their use helps us in adhering to deadlines, however, stringent they may be.

Contact us today to get a service estimate and to know how you can save on the repair cost of garage door torsion springs in Folsom, CA.

How we can be of Help

Troubleshooting a malfunctioning or broken garage door or its components is not an average home improvement task. The success of the project depends on the expert’s skills and capabilities at diagnosing the exact cause of the issue plaguing your garage door, however, mundane or minute they may seem to be.

We understand this factor and believe that an amateur is a wrong fit. To make sure that you get an effective and swift resolution to your problems without compromising on the safety aspect we only hire the best that talent that the industry has to offer.

We run a comprehensive background check on these professionals to ensure that the facts and information that they present to us are true. After all, it is your safety that that is in question here, and we can’t take any chances with your safety and well-being.

We assure you that these professionals will take adequate safety measures to avoid causing damage to life or property during or after the course of the project.

We’ll be Available on a Call

Repair and maintenance issues are highly unpredictable and can manifest themselves during odd hours of the night when you’re least expecting them. But you don’t have to stress with us. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure that you get access to troubleshooting and support services on a real-time basis when you need them the most.

We also provide a 100% uncompromising satisfaction guarantee to all our customers. You can call us anytime in case you have any queries concerning the project.

The warranty on garage door springs repair and replacement that we provide is an integral part of this service assurance. We assure swift action once we receive your service request.
We also provide discounts and offers on the services and products that we stock. Log into our website or call our customer care representatives today to avail these benefits.

Call us anytime and We’ll Respond

You can get in touch with our customer care representatives to avail our services or request an appointment. We are also well aware of the problems that troubleshooting your malfunctioning garage door opener can create.

For instance, we’ll use spare parts and will also get rid of some extra or malfunctioning components. But you don’t need to worry as our experts will clean the work site before leaving to ensure that you don’t face any inconveniences or hassles while operating your garage door opener.

Call us today to learn more.